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Dec 20, 2003
Ok, Ive gotten a 50 gal corner tank for the purposes of an octo. What I plan on doing is locating the tank under my 75 and having them in a closed loop with a refugium. Now the 75 has a Niger and Humu triger, a snowfleake eel, and a volitan. The rock I used was bought dry so Ive got no outside life forms, including pods, which will be needed for the octo. I would DEFINATELY like to introduce enough into the system to serve as a food source, as all my critters would love them for a snack. The only question is how can I add them to the tank other than adding live rock? Is there someplace that sells them or eggs, like brine? And how do you prevent them from getting filtered out by the protien skimmer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Most of the LFS in the area are going to FL aquacultured LR and I really dont care for the stuff. Too heavy and lots of unpleasant hitchhickers. Some of it has nice growth though, just not willing to risk anything killing my fish or the octo. One shipment I saw had a swarm of aptasia on it, along with some beautifull rock anemones, both being very aggresive. Ive been considering some hatian ive found for 1.99 per #, but have yet to see any clear pics. I will definately be looking into octopets as soon as I have the system up. Once again thanks.
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