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Hello, new member here and wanting to information


Dec 13, 2020
Hi all, hope all is well. I’m a new member and would like to get an idea on creating a octo-safe tank. I’ve done a little bit of research myself such as tank size, cover inlets/outlets, lid, rock, sand bed, and the such. I guess my main question is the top of how do you keep one of these escape artists inside the tank?
How you secure your lid is slightly dependent on the tank that you have. Some easy ways to keep an octopus inside the tank is to secure the lid with high strength Velcro and/or bricks on top of the lid.

I can give you more specific advice if you can post pictures of your setup or tank that you are planning on getting if you don't already have one set up.
Agreed that the answer depends on your tank. We cut a piece of plexiglass to fit the top of the tank, with holes just big enough for inlets/outlets/chords. Any remaining holes/gaps are filled with wax- “Mack’s” wax earplugs and “Wikistix” wax covered string. The entire thing is then covered in duct tape.
My tank is 21 years old now, and the handle came off. I purposely didn’t glue it back on because it’s a great reminder to anyone opening the tank that they have to pay extra attention to the octopus.


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