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Please meet Creepy the Sea Monster

Thats a great looking ceph you got there! Don't worry he'll figure it out in no time. My Vigo figured out how to open both a jar and a "plug type" container. I'm wondering if Creepy has ever gone after your Damsel or your PJ Cardinal?
Thanks, Creepy is alot of fun.
I think he is a Aculeatus? The guy in Berkeley where I bought him ID'd him as such.
He dosent seem interested in the Damsels or the snails, however I try to keep him well fed so he will at least leave the snails alone.
I'm actually hoping he will eat the Damsels.
I started out with about 10 Damsels and once Creepy showed up I thought for sure he would make short work of the fish, but he did'nt seem interested so I made that DIY fish trap and now theres 3 left.
I would like to keep them(if possible) as they seem to help clean up the scraps Creepy leaves behind.
He seems very at home in his tank and has even accepted food from hand and let me touch him.
I've been feeding him Ghost Shrimp from the local bait shop and Crabs from a chain store.
I wish I had an idea how old he is but buying from a LFS is a crabshoot at best. Oh well, I will thouroughly enjoy every moment I have with this magnificient animal.......Go Creepy!!
Yes that would be me. Thanks Roy! Took Creepy a little while to get comfortable but once he did he has been great
Since recently learning about Aquaculture store I plan to discontinue feeding the ghosts and buy fiddlers.The chain store in Vacaville seems to have an issue with feeder animals (the crabs I bought) so I was glad to find out about buying them online.
The little monster ate one of my new rather large turbo snails this morning, guess I better order the fiddlers soon!
My weekend starts in a couple of days and I'll try the plastic box thing again with my camera ready to go.
Creepy has figured out the plastic box handily and I got the whole 12 minute thing on tape, once I figure out how to edit the video to highlight the good parts I'll post part 2.
I replaced the plastic box with a 2 litre tapered flask with a small mouthed opening.
Thanks Michael Blue, Yes Creepy is very active he comes out around 2am and stays out till around noon on some days. I see him each morning when I get home from work.
Well...I would like to think so, but he hasent seemed interested in them.
The little darling has eaten my big snails and every crab i've offered him, but no fish thus far.
All the reasons for not cycling with Damsels are true, they can be very aggressive and even though Creepy could make a quick meal of them they can still damage your Octo.

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