Please don't eat my Octopus!!


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
I have been hosting debate parties at my home for friends who are realy into the political scene the past few weeks. Tonight a friend brought an Asian girl over to watch the debates with us. After it was over I was showing everone my octo tank. The Asian girl starts telling me how they eat poor little octos ALIVE in China. She was going into great detail, and saying what a delecacy they were. Now all I can think about are the poor little octos sitting in a bowl on someones table about to be eaten. :frown:

so sad, i know! I once saw a tv special about the delicacy of eating living octopus... and actually showing people picking them up and gulping them down still wriggling!
:frown: Not a nice fate...My brother gets great glee in grossing me out with details of how he eats octos when he is over seas....... :x

well, I won't eat octopus, but more out of a taste issue than a moral one...don't really like calamari either. I do wish they would kill them first though...have seen many a live one consumed.
Possibly the worst: Iron Chef octopus battle. One of the chefs breads a live octopus, and while the poor thing is trying to wipe the batter out of its eyes, he beheads it. Not nice.
tough one, I'll eat most things... however, i do beleive that a quick death is needed
I'm a chef, so I will try just about anything. I think it would be pretty hard to swallow a live octopus though. What if it grabbed your larynyx on the way down and decided that your esophgus was a good place to hide. And then inked in your lungs. :shock: :shock:
Besides, I doubt that it tastes very good.
I know this is TREASON but, (lets just assume the flames, brow-beatings, reprimands, and general dislike is over, and I already feel bad, okay?) I have had octo sushi (NOT LIVE OCTO SUSHI), and... um....IactuallykindareallylikeitpleasedontbemadatmebutIdoitsgoodokayImgoingtoshutupnow.

My family seems to have eaten quite alot of octos lately. Pains me to see it (and i sometimes play with it) but to each his own. They don't taste half bad.... :heee:
well, you have to admit, high protein in a very renewable resource...I just have never been a big fan of seafood...pains me to see all of the warnings out now about eating seafood though...not for pregnant women or children, etc...what are we doing to the oceans????? :x
In my opinion eating octos is fine... Cuz once they are dead they are dead. But eating them alive that is just wrong. Have u seen them do it before? I have. And let me just say it was sick and wrong! They take the chopsticks and shove it inside their tube thingy and the the thingy next to it then bite off their tentacles.... Shudder...
Well in China they eat monkeys live too (more or less) and it isn't pretty. Eating something thats already dead is ok but eating an animal alive is cruel.
MMM...nothing better than a good dead monkey. :shock: Lest we all rest on our laurels here in the states, we have a disturbing show called "fear factor", where the contestants have to eat really disgusting stuff for insects, rotten pig intestines, is rumoured that they were going to have a live animal eating bit, but the ASPCA stepped in and put the kibosh on it...

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