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Apr 18, 2004
I have a Halimeda plant which i collected and some bought caulerpa - i have been reading about the sporation ro whatever which periodically occurs - how dangerous is this and how often does it occur? should i be worried?
Well, it never happened to me but from what i have read about sporation a good skimmer should help there... i also think that regular pruning helps prevent this.

Anyone add anything?
Never had a problem either...but lots of pruning and a large skimmer too...it is worth the work...makes a tank look great !
I saw it happen in a tank, at the LFS up the street.
The guy that set it up had been "let go" and everyone else
thought someone else was taking care of it.

It had a fairly large eel in it, and not a very good filter set-up.

anyway, I've never seen it happen in a tank with good water quality.
oh right, well if it was goin asexual (nutty growth) i was gunna suggest cheatomorpha algae as opposed to caulerpa.

Also it doesnt float like caulerpa (im told) so minimises the problem of flowing over a partition within a sump to tangle the pumps and other equipment.

It seems lots and lots of people seem to be using this in the U.S. has anyone any experience of it on here??
ive had it happen in my tank. what happens is the stuff goes sexual and dumps tons of sperm into the water. i woke up and it looked like someone dumped a gallon of milk into the tank! regular pruning helps prevent this and a massive; i.e. 40% water change helps take care of it if it happens
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