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Ping Pong Balls

Jan 8, 2004
Are they really safe for an octo toy if they pop?

Have you ever seen one of these explode. What is that white cloud. I don't buy that it is compressed air. If it is, it can't be great quality!!!
I havn't ever popped one! jeez what have I been doing with my life????

I used to let an oscar play with one no problem but that is a good point about inside them, teh oscar never burst it but i bet an octo could...

perhaps email a company that makes them and ask them if they are safe for kids???
I havn't ever popped one! jeez what have I been doing with my life????

Apparantly not playing table tennis with the meathead group of competive freaks I hang out with. Ping pong is a deadly game around my friends.

Thanks Colin! I will get intouch with someone at a manufacturing site. At any rate I dont care if there is nothing inside, they are not safe for kids around the group of previous mentioned thugs. :P
Its some powder to maybe enhance the game? I think these could be removed easily using water. But the ping pong ball could have sharp edges when broken so its not a perfect toy for an octo.
BOE my oscar from about 12 years ago (yikes, how did that happen?) used to grab one in its mouth and try and hold it under the water, when it let go it would chase the ball to the surface and even jump above the water line... was fun to watch :smile:
I think mine would have been about 6 or so when it died... my own fault too but I put that down to experience... keep their tanks covered when you leave the room :frown:
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