Pics, Presentations, Videos, and Stories from TONMOCON II

Sharon, your pictures are great. I want more!

Let me say how great it was to meet you. You are one of my new Favorite People On The Planet.
Why thank you very much. I like you and your beautiful family too. I wish there were more pictures, but that's all I have...except for one of Steve that I refuse to post because I also like him. :wink:
Awesome pics and and fantastically good time was had by all! I so enjoyed meeting everyone and I didn't realize how many of us were staff, that's a pretty decent showing!!!:smile: We arrived home Tuesday night and it was back to work for me on Wed. I have many more pics but for now here is just a few! All the Tonmo member pics are on a different camera which I have not had the chance to load yet....more to come!!!!!!
I'd love to see the items from the local paper and the TV news spot that covered the event!
I am not sure why you are not posting unflattering pics of Steve when you posted that red headed old lady picture of my grandmother ;>)


I will look at what is in the camera tonight but haven't even unpacked yet as we are in trauma at work.


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Great to see you all in Sarasota; here are a few pictures from the 'con. I've put up some others in a temporary gallery at The large versions (suitable for printing, putting on T-shirts etc) are available for download there as well, so if you see one you like, grab it now (because the gallery will go away in a month or two).


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And more piccies ...

And some more pictures ...


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And still more pictures ...

Last three (but there are more in the gallery)


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