1. TONMOCON II: Sarasota, FL 2007

    TONMOCON II: Sarasota, FL 2007

    Location: Mote, Sarasota, Florida Date: June 23rd (informal) and 24th (presentations) Hey everybody! Here is our agenda for TONMOCON II in Sarasota, Florida, at Mote on June 23rd and 24th. Dr. Steve O'Shea will be joining us and will be our "headline" speaker, addressing the topic of 'Giant...
  2. tonmo

    Weather 2017 - Hurricane Irma, CA Wildfires, Winter Storms

    We had a brief thread about Hurricane Harvey in our Supporters forum, but I wanted to create a public one for Irma... It seems this morning this will be going up the West coast which is not good news for our friends at and around Mote Labs & Aquarium. Please stay safe!
  3. tonmo

    TONMOCON VI this weekend - Official "hey I'm here!" thread!

    Hi TONMOers, Very exited as our final details are pretty buttoned up. We've got roughly 45 attendees, including presenters, but not including some additional Mote employees who may be stopping in. This is a good crowd. The content is incredible, and the speakers are amazing. I'm real...
  4. tonmo

    Pics, Presentations, Videos, and Stories from TONMOCON II

    This is the thread where we can discuss what happened at TONMOCON II, and post our pics and materials and share our stories. My take: I had a ball. It was great to finally meet people I've known for years online. And it was equally great to again see the folks who attended TONMOCON I after...