Pics, Presentations, Videos, and Stories from TONMOCON II


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May 30, 2000
This is the thread where we can discuss what happened at TONMOCON II, and post our pics and materials and share our stories. My take:

I had a ball. It was great to finally meet people I've known for years online. And it was equally great to again see the folks who attended TONMOCON I after two years.

The first night we gathered at the Old Salty Dog -- it was a perfect setting. I forgot to bring my camera out that night so others will have to contribute here.

After that, we went to the motel where most folks were staying for the "after party". Hard to put into words what that was like, but suffice it to say it was highly enjoyable. Some good pics came from that one, but again I didn't have my camera (but was able to delete one thank heavens... guys, let's save THAT discussion for the Supporters forum, please! :wink:)

The event itself was very rich in content -- comparable to that of TONMOCON I. We juggled the agenda a bit since Rich (Thales) was unavailable, and with Greg (Cthulhu77) not there either, the edge was taken off the ethics discussion :biggrin2:... but we did cover it for about 20 minutes or so.

Erich and Rebecca made Ceph Races a reality; we had a good laugh at that one.

The presentations were fully documented; Jason (cephalopodcast) recorded about 90% of the presentations I'd say, and WK had a video camera on a tripod. Again, there were all the digital cameras taking videos and pictures too, so there should be lots to share.

We could have had a larger turnout I think, but at the same time, with the amount of time we had and the company present, we were not lacking in any way. It was a busy day and a half, all time extremely well spent for me and my family.

The people at Mote were incredibly gracious and accommodating. I can't thank them enough!
Ok, here are some pics, more later -- rest of you, please share as well!


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I think it depends who you ask. WK would probably say he won by disqualification. Steve would probably say he won by being witty. Somebody (I forget who exactly) captured the contest on video and was going to post it on youtube. If that video has any audio, the details surrounding Steve's controversial victory will become clear. If not, it's an R-rated discussion for the Supporters forum. :wink:
I'm at a machine here and finding it awkward to operate .... the marvels of modern technology.

Here are just a few pics, in no particular order. I'll have to add stories later on as I'm tight on time right now. I've also had to reduce the image size considerably, so if you want full-size images just pm me.

We needed more time there! What a great bunch to vacation with!


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There's a real story behind some of these (late-night antics)!


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Steve's pics:Top down.
Brian Walls (White Kiboko)
Erich Orser
(L to R) Monty, Debbie, Tony, Nancy, Sharon, Jason and Greg
Steve, Carol, Kevin & Heather
Tony, Brian, Steve, Erich, & Monty
Kevin and Brian
And a few more (excuse my 'bad hair' day)


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