TONMOCON II: Sarasota, FL 2007

Location: Mote, Sarasota, Florida
Date: June 23rd (informal) and 24th (presentations)

Hey everybody! Here is our agenda for TONMOCON II in Sarasota, Florida, at Mote on June 23rd and 24th. Dr. Steve O'Shea will be joining us and will be our "headline" speaker, addressing the topic of 'Giant Squids, Whales, Sex and Conservation'.

Other plans are outlined below. Don't miss out!


Saturday, June 23rd

All parties arrive in Sarasota, Florida.

It is recommended that you visit the Mote aquarium on Saturday during the day!

5:30pm: Dinner and drinks and revelry at The Old Salty Dog.

Sunday, June 24th

Breakfast -- on your own!

8:15am: Sign-in at Mote, Socialize. (New Pass Room)

9:00am: Introduction / update (Tony Morelli)

9:30am: Treatments and care of Cuttlefish, Nautilus, Octopus (Greg Barord)

10:10am: From bandensis to wunderpus (Richard Ross)

10:50am: Break

11:00am: Mote Presentation (Debi Ingrao et. al.)

11:40am: "Ceph Races" (Erich Orser moderates)

12:10pm: LUNCH (on your own!)

1:30pm: Ceph Care/Industry Ethics Roundtable (Tony Morelli moderates)

2:15pm: Cephs in Culture (Erich Orser)

2:50pm: Break

3:00pm: Giant Squids, Whales, Sex and Conservation (Dr. Steve O'Shea)

4:00pm: Wrap-up / "other fun" / socialize and goodbyes

4:45pm: Everybody out!

Pics from the event here.

-- Tony Morelli, Founder, Webmaster,

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