pics of the new octo

Feb 24, 2005
heres some pics. still trying to come up with a name. this has got to be the most outgoing octopus ive seen. since its introduction to the tank yesterday its already eating from a stick and eating frozen foods, plays tugowar. its finally made a home after munching down on a blue crab yesterday. not very smart though. i put in 2 chonch shells for dens which my octos have always used so this one goes over to the shell looks at it for a second... then decides to just dig out from under it... possibly the hardest thing to do to make a home but what can you do...


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Since it's pretty but not too bright, I'm tempted to suggest "Paris" or "Britney," but that's too mean to the poor octopus.
Octopus briareus

edit: ya gotta be pretty fast on the draw to beat Shipposhack, apparently. But I used italics even if I finished in 2nd place :biggrin2:
i will consider those names though... lol. i was also thinking its pretty aggressive and not too bright so also falls along the lines of say... mike tyson?

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