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Pic's of GPO laying eggs

Nov 22, 2004
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
One of our GPO's just started laying eggs this morning so I snapped a few Pic's.


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Fantastic pics! Are they in a cave or den?

Last I heard you all were planning to try to raise some of the hatchlings - is this still on?


Very cool pictures!

Keep your camera handy though, the laying can go on for days. Also, if you could manage to get video of the mother braiding the eggs into skeins I think you would have something historical - I don't know that anyone has captured that operation yet.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Photographically yours,


She is laying the eggs on the front of the glass. I have to remove the eggs and put them in a basket due to the chance of them getting damaged while cleaning the tank.

And Yes we are still working on trying to raise some eggs to adulthood, although there is a chance these eggs are infurtile because we have had her for 4 months and she has been alone the entire time, so unless she has been storing sperm for a while they are probably bad.
Yea...how DO octopuses braid their eggs into strands? I always knew they did cuz it was always listed as part of their egg-laying description books...but it never told exactly how. Is it already braided?

You should get pics of that process. Iv never seen photo's of that taken ever.
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