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Jan 1, 2004
ok stop asking about tank size. IT is 50 gal but u mite not want to go with NEthin under that EXCEPT for pygmys and other octos.[/u][/code]
:shock: :shock: dude ant are you ok? :shock: :alarm:

Ant, there are a lot of diffent tank sizes for different octos. While you are right you dont need a 50 for for smaller octos. A 55 is good for a bimac, but to small for many other octos.

Very passionate post BTW!!!
Well, you could say that I was asking for it. And they did. And I was. I knew the consequences of failing to make good my escape/rampage.
ant said:
thers a bunch of peeps asking the min. tank siz for an octo when its already there

Sorry for sounding like an @$$, but so what? It's good to ask questions, not to just go out on a hunch.
This threads doomed to be locked/deleted.

um... said:
Sometimes you should say "yes" to Thorazine.

181 yayyyyyyyyyyy.[/quote]
:shock: A weird thing happend yesterday. :shock: :shock: :shock: My schools 8th grade science teacher 8) (not mine but, soon to be. Im in 6th) heard about me getting a octo. Now, she wants one in her science class after mine gets set up. AND, she wants me to help.........i think.......thats wat my parents said. :roll: So i might get to have my favorite animal in school! :rainbow: :mrgreen: :D :D :) :o 8)

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