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Aug 2, 2004
Things are going well with our sepioteuthis babies, my question to you guys is how to raise the DO levels in tanks.

With the lowering of the flow rate in our culture tanks, the DO levels have dropped a little. The addition of an airlift has helped a little , but barring adding more airstones (which would agitate the babies) what other options are out there?
Jason, its a weak suggestion but its all I can muster right now. Are you still leaving lights on 100% of the time (or were you never doing that, don't remember)? Adding a plant component (Caulerpa) to the sump would add oxygen assuming that they had lights on the all day and all night, otherwise they would start to consume oxygen in the dark (but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that!). Wish I could help more.

Best of luck!
Thanks for your help.
Am exploring both options, in an attempt to get 100% saturation in the tank.
Caulerpa option is interesting, because we do have one or both lights on 100% of the time so is a real possibility.
With 58 :baby: in the tank and more to come, I best be finding a good option asap.

Cheers :wink:

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