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overflow box octoproofing

Feb 24, 2005
ok ive got my tanks switched and im preparing my new octo tank for the next tennent.

how do you octoproof an overflow box without slowing the rate of waterflow or causing potential clogs from debris????

thats why im posting

on the other 2 sections of the tank im putting glass lids and on the overflow box section i was thinking about screen or maybe plexiglass and cutting holes and notches to fit the box exactly but the box itself needs to be octoproofed somehow. would you just do this with screen ziptied around the top of the skimmerbox and u tube or are there any other suggestions like a sponge in the bottom with a hole cut for the u tube and some eggcrate stuff on top to hold it down? suggestions please. and i also want something thats not going to have to be cleaned every other day becuase it clogs up