Our new baby has arrived!!!

Jan 31, 2003
Well, it's here. It arrived this morning and showed up in great condition. It was very active before I even had the bag floating. I was surprised to see that there was no heat pack but the baby was fine and the water was very clean. Jim at octopets has been very helpful and quick to email back when I had a question...I would definitely recommend him to future octo owners.
The little octo is tiny, much smaller than Roxy was. The mantle is the size of a medium sized grape and the skinny little arms are about 2 inches. It acclimated well and was quick to exit the bag. It has been exploring the whole tank and follows my finger up the glass.
I never told my girlfriend that I was ordering another one. This will be her Valentine surprise when she gets home from work.
John congrats! Glad to hear you had a plesant experience, as well. It was nice for it to go so smototh for me too!! :biggrin2:

I agree with you about octopets. Jim is a great dealer!!!

Let me know if you find anything out about your's possibly being form the same batch as Ochi.

quite a novel gift for V day.... actually, quite a sneaky way round the missus LOL wonder if id get away with it???? :lol:
Hi John,

Glad everything went well with your baby bimac. Sounds really small but has lots of self confidence. Imagine, these are raised without ever seeing a predator!

Do we have a second generation of bimac siblings forming?

That's what I was thinking Nancy especially since Ochi went right to my hand to go into the tank. Obviously used to hands already!

Just wish now my other fish would learn to jump into nets when i need them to. The hardest part today was catching Stalin - my Red Emporer Snapper that I was using to help finish cycling Ochi's tank. :lol:
neptune-i'm still waiting on word from Jim...now that he's made the sale he'll probably ignore the rest of my emails :lol:
my girlfriend has settled on a name but I want to make sure before I announce it
she hasn't seen but about 50% of the octopus since it has already made an expansive burrow under a rock
I love hearing about new babies!!! Will have to try Octopets too when I'm ready for another!

Congrats!!!! Pictures yet???

I'll get my girlfriend to bring her digital cameral home from work monday for pics. I'm a very serious photographer with 3 cameras and a ton of other equiptment...but not the first bit of digital equiptment. :roll:
We coaxed the baby out tonight and it made its rounds and then headed back in the burrow. I think we have a name, but I want to make sure.

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