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other's surviving with cuttlefish

Apr 7, 2007
Can I get a seahorse to go in the same tank as a cuttlefish without any problems? If not what are some cool fish to be with a cuttlefish without any problems.
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The usual rule is that most fish in with cuttles are likely to either be cuttle-chow or injure the cuttle, so the safest advice is to avoid them. However, there are a few examples of cuttles who seem to adopt fish as friends or pets in this thread:

Best buds

but remember that this is unusual behavior... I can't think of any specific examples for cuttles, but I know some folks have had trouble with fish, particularly damsels, harassing octopuses and biting them enough that they're always stressed and hurt, so the usual recommendation is that cephs should not have any active tankmates.
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This is geat,:twisted: once we get enough troops we will prove that cuttles...i have said to much:banghead:.

oh, also dont let this: :angelpus: happen to your cuttle.
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