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Opinions about DIY denitrification units.


May 8, 2003
Hi all, I know that we are all concerned about our inhabitants' environments. I have been kicking around the idea of saving a few scheckles by DIY equipment. I have been pretty successful with an HSA style protein skimmer, and sump. Well worth the work. But has anyone done a DIY coil denitrifier (sp?)? I would like to build one, but I would like to get the opinions of those that are more in the know than I am. I typically do a 10% changeout weekly. Any and all opinions, gripes complaints and pre-conceived conclusions are welcome!

Thanks in adv.
I've never used a coil denitrator, but I think--like with a DSB--that it probably won't work ideally with an octo setup, just because the life cycle of an octo doesn't lend itself to the slow, steady buildup of nitrate. I think the reducing bacteria would constantly be dying off and re-cycling as the nitrate production is constantly changing.

Someone (Feelers? :) should do some semi-controlled experiments. Setup the tank and keep a few octos, then add something removable like the coil denitrator or, perhaps better, the Calfo-style dsb-in-a-bucket.

For all of their little size, octos put out a LOT of feces, etc...fancy reef systems that do such a wonderful job for finicky corals and the like just can't keep up with the massive amounts of poop.
Simple is the key here...plan on overfiltering by about 5x to get the best results.

Not at all ! You should have a few shut offs and emergency returns...plan for the worst, and hope for the best !
Sounds like a fun plumbing project...

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