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One on the way!


Jun 21, 2007
I just ordered me a octo from liveaquaria.com i will be posting pics when it arrives, hopefully thursday!
anyone considering i paid 95$ for octo/shipping
Here are a few pics of the sump i just setup for the octo tank, the water is still a bit cloudy because i just moved all that sand in the sump from the old 29gl fuge, 75gl tank with 55gl sump, what do you all think?
I made tops for the 75 out of window screen kits you can buy at home depot, i just got a roll of the screen (fiber glass) and four of the little metal rail things and the plastic roller to put it in all in all the lids cost about 10$ and 30mins! that was way to easy.. i can post pics of them as well if anyone wants to see them...


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the room and wires are still a mess, i just got finished removing the old sump/fuge and installing this one, so please excuse the mess.
I'd love to see pics of the top, because i have a roll of window screen and i was trying to see how i could build the top out of that. I didnt want to just superglue it on though..
very cool octo!
mantel length is approx 1".
it inked twice after i put it in the tank but i scooped most of it out! this is the only picture i took while it was acclimating,,
any id's on its id?


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I'm going to bet it's Abdopus Aculeatus, but mostly because of the "Indo-Pacific" thing... couldn't tell by the picture, which is a good picture by the way. Thanks for sharing.

Your tank setup looks great too! Maybe not cosmetically so much, but that's a great filtration setup.

Congratulations and good luck! :smile:
Awesome! i think im gonna order mine right now...but before i do, does he seem healthy? is he active? has he eaten yet? how shy is he?
Sorry for all the questions just want to know what i'm getting into...
he was active when i had him in the acclimation tank, i put him in the 75 and he has disapeared into the rock. looked fine to me, he was really cool to watch him swim through the tank when i first put him in there. I "think" he has all of his legs. I did not do a full examination of him, i just go home from work and my girlfriend has had him drip acclimating for 4 hours before i got home so i just took a quick snap shot and sent him into the tank, he was however healthy enough to run from my net and climb onto the capet before i picked him up. i fed the tank mysis, dont know if he ate or not the lights are out. he is sharing his tank with the basic clean up crew of crabs/snail and some stompella's and two dragonets. o and a lawn mower blenny, those fish should not ever bother him i wouldnt suspect, but if they ever become food for the octo i would be ok with that.
Hah, how fun. Sounds like you got a spunky one.

The Dragonets shouldn't be any threat no, but I wouldn't be so sure about that Blenny. They like to nip at things. Might not do it more than once though. :smile: Since they are generally sand and rock dwelling peaceful fish they probably won't last long.
:welcome: Bud!

Bud looks very speckled in that pic, almost like granite... is that his normal coloration?

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