[On TV]: Octopus 2 and Octopus (in that order!)


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May 30, 2000
:popcorn: ~ Double Feature ~ :popcorn:

~ It starts with... ~
Program: Octopus 2: River of Fear (120 mins)
Channel: USA Network (USA)
Time:Wednesday, Jan. 29th @ 8pm ET
Synopsis: The really bad sequel to the original really bad Octopus movie (see below).

~ Followed By... ~
Program: Octopus (120 mins)
Channel: USA Network (USA)
Time:Wednesday, Jan. 29th @ 10pm ET
Synopsis: This is one of those awful movies that you can enjoy with a loved one simply by laughing at it. It involves a giant radioactive octopus, a submarine, and an unbearable love story.
Watching it right now with the Big Calamari, who -- in response to some dialogue about having to launch an investigation immediately -- commented, "Yeah, they've gotta get kraken." Get it? Crackin'? Kraken?

All tomatoes should be aimed directly at Richard, per favore....

:tomato: :arrow: :bonk:
What a hoot! I especially loved OCTOPUS 2, when the Giant Radioactive Octopus would get angry and make these unbelievably deep glug-glug noises -- like someone playing a 45 rpm record of James Earl Jones gargling, at 33 rpm. Truly a classic of cinematic awfulness.... :octopus:

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