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May 30, 2000
Program: Beast (120 mins)
Channel: Sci-Fi Channel (SCI-FI)
Time:Sunday, Jan. 12th @ 3pm & 5pm ET
Synopsis: Based on the novel by Peter Benchley, this 1996 movie failed to live up to the expectations set by his other novel-turned-movie, Jaws... but why should we care? The central character a giant squid! Enjoy...
:shock: Tony? Is it really worth watching this movie or... am i just going to get P.O.'d so to speak??? Just because a (big) creature of the deep we know nothing about is going to just (naturally) prey on humans??? Man... this is so typical of humans... don't you think?? No offence to Peter Benchley but... even Spielberg admitted to feeling guilty about what he did to the shark population after JAWS. ( and so he should)... oops did i say that out loud lol :lol: :lol: Anyways, I think i will watch it...although i know for sure i will cry in the end when... the squid gets blown up. Hollywood just really cheeses me off sometimes you know. Does anyone agree with me at all or am i the only loser out there??? lol Oh well it just makes me want to study these things more!!! I think this is why i am into independent film! 8)
:smile: To each his own, I always say... I really don't take these things too seriously -- I started this site because I think octopuses and squid are incredible animals, and I believe there's a fascination with them that is well-founded. Misinformation abounds, but I'm kinda OK with that, especially when it comes to entertainment. Meaning, there's not much I aspire to do about it -- I'm more interested in passively studying how society and culture relates with these creatures, rather than actively trying to represent these animals in a certain way. At the same time, I think this kind of commentary and other such observations are extremely healthy and progressive, and is a big part of why I enjoy this community so much. Progression via discussion is all good!

Generally speaking, unless there's something blatantly cruel or dangerously erroneous regarding cephalopods, I'll tend to just observe it with interest and/or amusement... and hopefully it'll make for an interesting discussion here in the community.

Of course, my views and philosophy on this doesn't necessarily reflect that of the TONMO.com staff or the community... That's just me! :wink:

Regarding this movie, it stinks by all accounts. If you go into it knowing that, perhaps it'll be more enjoyable? Good luck! :biggrin2:
:oops: :oops: Thank you for listening to me ramble Tony. Yes I am sure that this will make for good discussion; you are deffinately right.
Things like this should not be taken so seriously...it is afterall just a movie. Hey...it has a giant squid in it and that is all that matters!!!!! COOL!!!!! I'm in! :squid:

I detected no ramble there! :smile:

So back to your point... "Hollywood cheeses me out" sometimes as well. I know where you're coming from -- It would be nice if they got it right once in a while. Given that truth is often stranger (and more interesting) than fiction, I favor "true story" programming/movies over something purely out of a writer's head... at least I get some education in return for my invested time!
Squids in literature

Just came to think about a short story in Analog 5, 2000. It´s name is Sheena 5, it´s written by stephen Baxter and it´s about an intelligent squid who travels space to catch an asteroid and bring it back to earths orbit. Fascinanting tale.


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