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[Old Board Archive] General Octopus Sighting (Part 2)

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May 30, 2000
Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #10 Posted at Sat Jun 22 13:23:40 2002
2 general sightings in one night on TV!

1) Futurama.... Fry meets a mermaid in the bottom of the Atlantic and in one scene sit lovingly hand in hand watching a battle between a giant squid and a sperm whale! Good episode!

2) The world's Most Deadly Sea Creatures! There was a 2 second glimpse of a Blue Ring but there was also footage of a guy getting attacked by a GPO. HOWEVER, this female DID have eggs and he DID sticks his hands in and try to pick her up! He got all he deserved! :smile: She simply grabbed whatever was closest, which happened to be his regulator for his air supply and try to remove the mouthpiece while holding his head and removing his mask.... served him right! The whole time the cameraman just kept filming too!

This is a bad documentary, not worth watching as it is totally anthropomorphic and sensationalises animal attacks using horribly over the top words and phrases.

Just my opinion tho :smile:
-- Colin

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #11 Posted at Mon Jun 24 14:22:42 2002
Has anyone else noticed that a small, friendly plastic octopus left on the bathroom floor can look an awful lot like a big, scary, nasty spider when encountered in the middle of the night?
-- Tuppermaddie

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #12 Posted at Sat Jun 29 00:23:06 2002
A kids' TV "sighting":

Apparently someone on the Nickelodeon staff has a "soft spot" (pun intended!) for cephs. In addition to regulars Squidward (on SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS) and Oswald (on OSWALD THE OCTOPUS), there was a lovely ceph "cameo" on their nature-oriented cartoon series WILD THORNBERRYS.

In case you're not familiar with the series, it's about 12-year-old Eliza Thornberry, who travels around the world with her parents who make nature documentaries. The premise is that Eliza has the power to speak to animals in their own languages, but if she tells any other humans about this power she will lose it.

The episode I refer to, which takes place in a port city of Asia (I don't remember if it was Hong Kong, Singapore, or Shanghai), begins with Eliza reading, wide-eyed, from 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA.

Later, she and her dad Nigel sail out into a lagoon with the intention of filming manta rays. The boat is caught in a whirlpool and sinks. Eliza makes it to the lagoon's shore and calls for help, but Nigel almost drowns. Suddenly a huge tentacle lifts him out of the water and places him safely on land with Eliza.

Nigel ends up losing his video camera, but they are otherwise unharmed. As they are waiting to be found by a ship, Eliza wanders along the shoreline to discover her father's rescuer -- a Giant Pacific Octopus! In contrast to the Jules Verne image, the GPO is presented in a refreshingly favorable light -- complete with a rather seductive female voice and a sharp wit. When Eliza thanks her for saving Nigel, she replies, "Well, I heard you call for help -- I may be boneless, but I'm not heartless!"

Though Ms. GPO grumbles a bit about Eliza "scaring off [her] lunch" (a crab), she is more than willing to help when Eliza -- after reading about how octos can learn to perform complex tasks -- asks her to retrieve the lost video camera. "See these suckers? Strong, sensitive," she coos while stroking Eliza's face with a tentacle, and then dives back down to get the camera.

Ironically, all Nigel can think about afterwards is how he will always have nightmares about that slimy tentacle around his waist. (So much for human gratitude!) Only Eliza knows the GPO's kind intentions, and of course she can't tell anyone without giving away her secret.

WILD THORNBERRYS is a great cartoon series, as cleverly educational as SPONGEBOB is cleverly silly. And while I don't think there are any recorded instances of octopuses saving people's lives, it's nice to see a positive ceph myth for a change to balance off all the negative ones.

Tani (TaningiaDanae)

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #13 Posted at Sun Jun 30 01:28:21 2002
I hit the jackpot ladies and gentlemen!
My graduation party was last night (friday 2, and I received a whole lotta octo stuff. I got two glass figurines, very cool. An earclasp, a rare print of an octo and a mermaid. I also got a throw blanket with ocean animals on it, an octo was on it. My friend's mom made me a huge giant stuffed octo, big enough to sleep with. Yeah so I am a happy girl today.
See ya'
Melissa (Melbe)

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #14 Posted at Mon Jul 1 00:22:50 2002
congrat's, melissa!

today's octopus sighting was in the recent disney movie 'lilo & stitch' - an alien emerges from the ocean with an octopus on his head, complaining that it's worse than the sharks.

bad rap for cephs as usual, but i did cheer loudly to counteract the negative publicity. :smile:
-- Tintenfisch

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #15 Posted at Mon Jul 1 19:53:17 2002
Just watched a documentary about the Southern Sea of Australia.

2 cephalopods there... Sepia apama in large breeding groups and an octopus getting eaten by a wobbegong.

The programme was okay, had lots of other species of interest too, like hand fish and anglers, sea horses etc etc...
-- Colin

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #16 Posted at Tue Jul 2 19:06:54 2002
Hey Colin -- what's a wobbegong?

Tani (TaningiaDanae)

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #17 Posted at Wed Jul 3 13:45:46 2002
Its a kind of small furred aquatic mammal that has a snout like an elephant and dives to the bottom of the seas to find octopuses to litter its nest with.
It has been sugegsted that wobbegongs, are one of the first animals ever to have used writing as a means of communication. It has been suggested that the ink of cephalopods is sometimes used to leave messages for their partners.
A male and female wobbegong never spend very much time together, but have been known to leave what looks like simple messages in the dirt using ink.

They come from small islands around the Pacific Ocean and have 8 claws on each foot and a crest made of bone on top of their head shaped a bit like a F111 jet fighter on a windy day 3 mins after take off.

Okay, okay its a shark.....
Also called a carpet shark I think in some areas :smile:
-- Colin

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #18 Posted at Wed Jul 3 14:29:35 2002
Colin: That sounds vaguely similar to a story I once heard about a cookie cutter crab...where do you come up with this stuff?
-- amcarrig

Add Me Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #19 Posted at Wed Jul 3 14:55:37 2002

em that would be my brain.... I can normally keep tabs on it, but just sometimes..... in fact I better hehehe
-- Colin
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