Olorin and the mayo jar.

Dec 15, 2007
I didn't screw the top on tight,but last time he wanted nothing to do with it.So I starved him for 6 days(just kidding).


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I hear that a lot of the octos love scallops.... I haven't tried them since I first got him but I tried like 3 different times and he wanted NOTHING to do with it... he doesn't like mussles either... wont even touch it... but people say their octos go crazy for them... and he knows the difference between krill and shrimp... and doesn't like the krill much..
We were delighted when Octane took a frozen scallop, once. The second offering was refused and the third got me an attempted shower.

None of my Mercs won't eat frozen krill but they won't eat snails or hermits either.

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