Ollie Update


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Here is pic of Fortress Olllie.

Ollie is staying in her den, but is continuing to eat the small live shrimp in her tank, although she refuses the frozen shrimp she used to like. She looks good, good color, eyes alert. If I touch her with the feeding stick, she responds with a few gentle tugs.

Hi Carol,

This egg laying is a sad thing. One day Ollie was jetting around the tank, coming up often to have her mantle rubbed and to play. There was a day or two of transition when she built her den - in the evening she came out to play again for short time, and that was the last time. I haven't seen her leave the den since then, but she may be coming out for short time at night, since shrimp and crabs are disappearing.

Is Ink still holed up in her den, or does she come out? Does she accept food directly from you?

So sorry to hear of Ink's condition - it's been more than a month since she laid the eggs, I believe.

Blind? So how does she catch her prey, and any signs that the eggs are fertile? Wel, I just checked and its exactly a month ago since she laid eggs.

And how has lil pumpkin been doing lately, any interactions yet?
Hi Nancy and Joel_Ang - Ink is still in her den but getting much more lax in keeping the shells around her. She doesn't take food from me, infact pushes it away when I try to give it to her, but I have seen her hunting and the crabs are still disapearing. Both eyes are white now. She seems to be loosing coordination a little.

Lil Pumpkin is getting to be more social. I rap on the tank 3 times everytime I go to look for HIM and I think he's starting to come out when I rap!!! He does the head bob with me! I've seen him swim from one side to the other. He gets some pretty amazing colorizations! One I love is the skunk affect! And the conehead!! I think it's time to let him out of the pethome, but the jawfish is still lurking.....

Has Ollie been out at all? Ink's eggs are gone.

Hi Carol,

It's been about 8 days since Ollie laid the eggs, and she's holed up in her den even more than before. I think she's coming out late at night to hunt, because shrimp and crabs are missing. She refuses all food from me on the feeding stick. Most of the time she just stares into space, like she's been drugged. I don't know whether she even knows us anymore.
I would like to think that she'd loosen up a bit, but I don't know that she will.

Poor Ink, she's hanging in there.


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