Ollie Update - 9 1/2 Months!


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

Here's the latest report on Ollie, who is doing well.

Ollie is still in her very large den, watching over her eggs. (Actually, I saw her with the eggs, but had no way of telling whether they were fertile. I don't know whether the eggs are still there, because she always blocks off the area where they would be. )

She has expanded the den so it takes up about a quarter of my 46 gallon tank. The top is completely open, and she has a window out to the front. She sits there or against the back wall of the tank, looking very relaxed.

Ollie still interacts - she waves, she plays pull the stick, and she hangs onto the feeding stick while I bounce her along to various songs. She seems to really like the contact through the feeding stick.

Ollie still changes colors - the color and the textures she produces haven't really changed. She still prefers lavender and purple, accented by orange. She can go from light to dark very quickly.

She is eating well - 1 1/2 to 2 large pieces of premium frozen shrimp each day, and occasionally a fiddler crab.

There is a change around her eyes - she has an irridescent ring of blue or green - it was never wholly this color before. The eye that was cloudy has cleared, so both eyes appear OK. I don't know how much she can really see - She knows when the light goes off - maybe she sees things vaguely.

Her behavior is different from Ink's - Ink has been coming out of her den and hunting. Ollie has not come fully out of her den since Nov. 4, but Ollie laid eggs about a month later than Ink. So we'll see.....

The attached pic shows Ollie through the front window.

I hope she's here to see 2004 - I never expected her to live so long (She would be over a year old, now.)

Hi Nancy!

Great picture! What kind of camera? I know I've asked in the past but don't remember!!! I see the ring you are talking about! Her eyes look clear! Ink's eyes are white, never got the cloudiness. I hope she continues to do well for a long time for you!!!

Hi Carol,

Ollie and I thank you for the good wishes!

The Camera is a Nikon Coolpix 950 (several years old), and I used the flash. It's hard to get a good angle since my tank is a bowfront, but I manage.


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