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[Old Board Archive] General Octopus Sighting (Part 1)

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May 30, 2000
General Octopus sighting
Started at Sun Jun 2 15:31:01 2002
If anyone else has little kids who love octopuses....
Evenflo has released a line of insulated sippy cup holders, and one of them is a really cute little octopus. Adorable and functional!
-- Tuppermaddie

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #1 Posted at Sun Jun 2 15:50:17 2002
Last Modified at Sun Sep 8 13:20:25 2002 by tonmo
Cool, thanks for the heads-up on this... Here's a link to the product in question:

Baby Super Mall

Thanks again! I hope to be launching a database at some point that will allow all of us to plug in our own "general octopus sightings" on a regular basis, and peruse them. Meanwhile, all, please do keep this thread active. Thanks,
-- tonmo

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #2 Posted at Mon Jun 3 05:25:34 2002
Two days ago I dove off an extinct volcanic tuff cone off the island of Maui. At the same time I observed a rather large shark being groomed at a cleaning station I also saw an octopus with a very pale white color limping along the reef. I enveloped the octopus and began swimming away rapidly. My first concern being for the octopus..I soon realized that I probably loked like an appetizer with frosting applied! Making a long story short..both I and my companion are doing well.

-- Joanie

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #3 Posted at Thu Jun 13 01:26:35 2002
I bought an awesome pair of octopus socks today! They're navy blue with detailed, realistic looking octos, one red and one light blue. The company is called Lin, they're probably online if anyone wants to check this out=)
-- Sarrah

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #4 Posted at Sun Jun 16 07:31:55 2002
Recently, in the "leftovers" bin at the local Genovese store, I found one of the discontinued Beanie Babies, "Inky", a very cute pink octopus, for a ridiculously low price, so I purchased him immediately.

When I got him home, however, he confided to me that he found the name Inky a tad bit stinky. So while leaving his tag on -- can't lose that collectible value! -- I have taken the liberty of re-christening him "Orbi" after my musical hero (the late Roy Orbison), which he approves of heartily.

Orbi is now very happy in his new abode, I enjoy having such a charming and low-maintenance pet, and every once in awhile he entertains me by breaking into a chorus of "Squiddy Woman" while playing two air guitars simultaneously.

Does that count as a general octopus sighting, or has the Bloop been messing with my mind?

Tani (TaningiaDanae)

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #5 Posted at Sun Jun 16 07:44:48 2002
....I think 'bloop' got to you.

I've got a growing plastic octopus collection - the latest aquisition being a soap dish and finger-nail thingy, both fashioned into little yellow octopuses. I'm embarassed to admit this!!! Must have ~ 40-or-so of them now.

-- Steve O'Shea

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #6 Posted at Sun Jun 16 15:13:57 2002
Crate and Barrel's new catalog features tablecloth weights (to keep the wind from blowing away your picnic.) There are four- lobster, fish skeleton, a crab and and octopus. The lobster is a bit gimpy-looking and the octopus only has 6 legs.

You can see them here:

Cheryl (Octogirlie)

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #7 Posted at Mon Jun 17 16:46:30 2002
One more octopus sighting:
Into the Wind, a catalog of kites, features an octopus kite called Opie. Opie has a "friendly, rounded shape" with eight arms (long streamers that make up the tail). His arms have large black spots to suggest suckers. Opie comes in four octo colors: orange, green, magenta, or blue. With his big eyes, Opie is a very appealing octopus kite!
-- Nancy

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #8 Posted at Thu Jun 20 10:59:42 2002
Here's a silly observation......

I have to admit that first of all I can only base this on limited experience as I only have 2 toy octopuses BUT they both have 2 syphons!!!! Are other toy octopuses like that?
They must make these by looking at pics from the side and decide that they must be symetrical animals.....
PS one is a beannie type octo and one is hard plastic!
-- Colin

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #9 Posted at Fri Jun 21 20:26:52 2002
Just for a chuckle, should anyone still have a copy, National Geographic Magazine put out this magnificent poster of a giant squid being attacked by a sperm whale back in 1997/98 (sometime back then), in which, clear as mud, the squid has only 6 arms and 2 tentacles.

Steve O'Shea
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