ok an update on the traps

Feb 24, 2005
well after i moved them a little futher off shore last week i had a strange turn of events... instead of catching lots of little stone crabs in every trap like i did inshore, i caught lots of spider crabs and a few arrow crabs but no octos. ive heard there is a wreck/reef a few mile further out to the north and once i find access to something larger than my little 14 foot boat ill try to take the traps out there but until then they will be out of the water until the wind calms down later next week.
yeah im out in anything from 2-8 foot swells for the most part... kinda sketchy when youre in a 14 foot boat. the traps are 2" and 1" pipes so the crabs are no larger than that on their shells. honestly id be fine going out to the reef a few miles out in my boat but dont think the coast guard around here would like that idea. i talked to a friend of mine who is a marine biologist with the dnr and he said that the dnr was out a few weeks ago in 90 feet of water on a bottom longline boat and they had some octos get brought up to the surface munching on the bait. he said they would get to the boat and jump off onto the hull and try to match the hull colors, sit for a few then jump down onto the next bait when it came up and then lather rinse repeat all day...

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