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Ok Advise time for the newb


Jul 27, 2004
I am going to purchase a 90 gal tank with built in overflow and stand.
i understand that a Fluval 404 is the recommend filter for this tank size?
i want to use a sump as a filtration system
do i need both?
is there a STORE bought sump i can get?
i am horrible at build your own tank stuff.

i am becoming overwhelmed with the filtration choices
i understand what is available
but what is best?
if my Octopus dies i dont want it to be from some silly mistake i made in set up.

with my SW fish i used an under gravel filter with dual power heads and an outboard filter rated for twice tank size
i never used sumps or protien skimmers
any advise from the gallery?
You can buy a wet/dry filter that will be large enough to serve as a sump and will have room for your system pump and for a protein skimmer.

You'll need a protein skimmer for an octopus. If you go this direction, you won't need the Fluval.

Many people have listed what they plan to buy and have asked questions about their equipment in this forum. You can go back and read past posts you might find interesting.

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