Off to the Pet Expo!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Well...Today Jess and I are off to Edison to the Jersey Pet Expo!! Picking up the rest of the copies of Ink's Article!!! Maybe I will have some pictures to post on my return :mrgreen:

Well....we got lost. A huge truck blocked my exit so I ended up heading South on the Turnpike!!! Once we got rerouted and found the complex, went inside and found Jersey Pets' table! When I approached the table, first thing they said was we have a great article about an octopus this month. Jess of course shy little creature that she is, Says "I know! It's my Mom's!!!" Said they have had lots of interest through!!! :smile:

It is amazing to me how so many people have no idea the intelligence and personality of these creatures! I'll be interested to see now that Inks Story has hit the stands, how many new people may have!!

Anyway, my pictures only resulted in 2 shots and I'm only posted one!!! Guess what it is?? :mrgreen: We did the rounds, and got our copies of the magazine and then Jess almost stepped in what dogs do best so she decided it was time to leave!

Had fun though!!!

Good Heavens! It looks it'll take off an arm or a leg at a moments notice!! :lol:
Congratulations on your magazine article...fantastic! You seem to have a natural gift for communication... :notworth: it will be nice to see how many people hit the site, or at least gain a better respect for the cephs!
I missed this!! :oops: Thanks Greg!!!

And Joel, they had lots of questions for me!! People that have a real interest in cephs, are amazed at the complexity of their personalites!!!


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