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Octos vs cuttles


Pygmy Octopus
May 30, 2003
I had an bimac octo maybe two years ago and thought he was great. But, six months in he/she died when AI went home on leave and had someone watch her. Anyway I got into reef tanks but am now looking to change back. I'm thinking of trying two cuttles in my 55g. I plan on getting rid of all the corals and fish except for my zoanthids. Does anyone keep corals with their cuttles with success? I also wanted to know from people who have had both an octo and cuttle which one they prefer. Im posting this in both the cuttle and octo section to get an un bias responce. Thanks for the help.
Cuttles can live with corals. The lower light non-stinging corals are prefered.

Ive kept octos for 7 or so years and recently got into cuttles. They are both incredible creatures. It might be the novelty of them, but my preference is to cuttles right now...Plus no need to seal the tank!! Both are very personable. The cuttles can beg for food just like octos can.

The one thing I miss is that octos seemed to play more. Deoending on the individual octopus, it seemed they would do some really strange things. My last one like to climb to the top of the tank and then canonball and go into a parachute while floating to the bottom of the tank....

My opinion is..if you can get your hands on some cuttles, I would try that, since its a rare oportunity. You can always get an octopus..Both animals are short lived, so you can always try the other after a year or so...
thanks for the input. I really loved my octopus though I was unsure how much he liked me seeing as every day at feeding he would test his strength and see if he could drag me into his den. He'd seem to test my skin for toughness too, lightly biting, but never piercing. He also would comicly sneak up on tank mates like snails. I even cought him pretending to be one once.
Living in canada, I dont think I can get a cuttle (unfortunately). I guess its an octo for me. Would these be good choices?

Octopus briareus
Octopus joubini
Octopus Macropus
Octopus Mercatoris

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