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Octopus with corals


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
My first experience with an octo did not go so well.. It died rather quickly. I am going to take it very slow this time and make sure everything is perfect.

Would it be o.k. (eventually with the octo) to keep soft corals and mushrooms in the tank? As I plan to wait for a couple more months I want something more than live rock to look at in the tank. Any experience with this?
Well, it really depends on your octopus, what size your tank is, and how much you really like the corals. Of course, you can't keep any of the stinging corals, but I've had some luck with cup corals and the like...the only problem is that the octopus is going to arrange the tank whichever IT feels , and the corals often suffer.
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