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Octopus vulgaris research


Jan 18, 2005
Hi everybody,
I'm Mireia from Denia in Spain. I'm actually doing my PHD about Octopus vulgaris. I already get 100 octopus in a jale in the sea. The density is near 20kg/m3, and at the begining I separed males from females. Many problems occurs with males, it seems they notice the chemical attratcs from females an everyday I pick up som died males without any evidence of fights or any other thing that make me supose a violent behaviour between them.
Have you ever notice problems with males during mating periode?
Do you know wich is the best density for culture them?
How many % of crustaceans do you feed them?
Do you have any problem with octopus well-feeded?
Thanks everybody.
It is best to have them all seperated individually or in small groups, the males can fight and kill each other. Our octopus get feed a crab every other day more or less depending on how hungry they are.