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Octopus very shy all of a sudden


Pygmy Octopus
Sep 15, 2007
Hi I have had my reef octopus for about 8 months and he/she has always been very active and playful even opening jars to retrieve dinner and playing with us but in the last 3 weeks it has been very shy hiding under its rock and not being very social at all. We moved the tank around and instead of hiding under another rock it stayed spread out on the floor like it is protecting something is it possible for it to lay eggs without a male? It will eat but only if the crayfish goes into its lair it wont come out and get it like it used to getting a bit worried about it anybody got any ideas whats going on? Please help
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Yes, your octopus could be guarding eggs, given teh changed behavior. She could have encountered a male before she came to live with you. Octopuses don't lay eggs right away. Unfortunately, she will not live long after the eggs hatch.

You should try to feed her in her den - will she accept thawed frozen shrimp on a feeding stick? She will not come out for food

Is your octopus a briareus? If so, the hatchings will be large enoough that you can try to raise some of them. Where are you located? Perhaps other octo keepers in your area would like to take some of the hatchlings, too.

Keep in mind that most female octopus will lay eggs at the end of their life regardless if they are fertile, in order to rid itself of the eggs; eggs that are not expelled may begin to decay and cause further health problems to the octopus.

It will be very rewarding to observe the development process, if you are able to see them, for the upcoming weeks to determine if they are fertile.

Greg :welcome:
She wont eat anything that doesnt move I have given her pippies but she just opens them and leaves the meat she will only eat crayfish. Im not sure what species she is exactly I am told she is a reef octopus from Western Australia I am in Queensland Australia

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