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Octopus tank size.

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So I came across this online and I am curious. So is this an ethics problem or a science problem? I know there are Dwarfs that stay very small... Like 3 Inches long... I know Dwarfs can live in Small Tanks I have done a 10 G no problem but this seems really small. Has Anyone ever done this? I know You can get a good Bio filter in a tank that size. It doesn't take that much. But is the size to small? There is another website thats says They sell Dawrfs that will do great in Tanks 10 Gallons or less...


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Here is the other.


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Thank You for the reply. I read something in a Paper by Hanlon and Forsythe about the proper Octopus to tank ratio. I will have to find it later and find the exact numbers though
So the ratio stated in the paper that There closed culture system was 2,600 Liters and could maintain a Octopus Biomass of 15 Kg. So some simple math averages to about 173 Liters per Kg. And a little more would be roughly 20.726 Gallons per Pound... roughly. There is more math on Biofilter surface are to Octopus Biomass but that is another story
I am sure this information is already on this site somewhere already but it is a good refresher lol
So I am at work Today and I get a call From My Wife, which is unusual. I answered and She proceeded to tell Me that My Octopus had escaped and had been laying on the kitchen floor in front of the sink. She picked it up and put Her back in Her tank and took off, Inked and hid. So This Octopus is a Female that is about ready to lay Eggs, so She is a bit restless and has been out more. She is a Dwarf Species (Octopus Fitchi)

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