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Octopus Tank Clean Up Crew

Oct 13, 2005
What do you guys and gals use for a clean up crew? I know that hermits will be eaten, but what about snails? Large ones, such as mexican turbos? Or does it depend on the species of octopus? I migh have sold an octopus, so when I get it in, I can see if it is a bimac. If it's not, then (if the buyer doesn't mind of course) I will take a picture, and see if you guys can identify it. I figure that the wholesaler should have a lot in right now, since (i've read) March is prime breeding season. Can someone look at my tank plan in Tank Talk, and give me some suggestions, or comments? Thank you! I love this forum! No flaming, and it's small, so everyone knows everyone.

At some point your octo may eat any of the clean up crew, including turbo snails. Just put a mixed bunch in. If the snails and hermits disappear, replace them and after your octo grows a bit, it will leave them alone. It will learn to prefer larger crabs and may lose its tase for snails.

Will an octopus overeat? If you just keep the tank stocked full of snails and crabs, will the octopus eat more than it should to be healthy, or is it safe just to keep a bunch of them in there?
No, an octopus won't overeat. He may eat some of those insted of what you're trying to offer, though. A very young octo will look for amphipods in the tank, too.


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