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Octopus pictures needed for newsletter


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 21, 2006
Hello tonmo'ers! I belong to another forum called fishforums.net. We recently started up a newsletter and we are currently starting our second edition. You can view our first edition here. Since I have much experience with bimacs, I have decided to write an article on octos.

For this article we need plenty of octo pictures. If you own pictures of your own (you must own the picture and octo!) and would like it to be presented in our newsletter please reply in this thread or contact me via PM.

Please Note- I have received permission from Tonmo himself to post this thread. All pictures will have name credits and will not be altered in any way unless specified. Please say wether you would allow us to "alter" the picture in any way, IE make the picture smaller/larger, make it clearer, etc. You can see examples of "altered" pictures in the newsletter. If you have any more questions please contact me.

Thanks for your time,
Hi Nancy
I'm not sure if your looking for pics of just Bimacs or just octopus in general,but here's a few photo's of my boy Vigo (Vulgaris)


  • conv_289799.jpg
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  • conv_289800.jpg
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  • conv_289801.jpg
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Thank you guys! I am not looking for any particular species, just quality pictures like the ones above. I will contact the people via PM when the pictures are needed, until then please post the pictures in this thread.

look up the post by me joefish84 ive got tons of pics on here of all my octos if you need a higher quality of one let me know and i can email it to you
My girlfriend took these excellent pictures while I was acclimating him... maybe you could photoshop a nicer background. (hehehe)



I wish I could get a good pic of Einy in his environment but being nocturnal and secretive doesn't make for good photo ops so these are probably the best pics I'll ever get of him. :frown:
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