Octopus Odyssey

Sep 10, 2003
One day I decided out of the clear blue that I wanted to learn more about the octopus. I keep a notebook for random thoughts in my head and I write down anything I want to research online later.

So, one day I typed "octopus" into google and a few dozen links later, I found myself here. That was a year ago. I have learned a lot about these amazing animals and have also learned quite a bit about other cephalopods.

I do not have one of my own yet, but thanks to this site, if I do ever decide to get one (and at this point I'm quite sure it's only a matter of time) I will know where to begin. It seems that the more you know about them, the more fascinating they are. I'm not one to jump into things, but a year later and I'm still coming back so I'm sure that this is not just a passing fancy but a true interest.

In the meantime, it's great to share your stories, see your pics, and share in this great community. It just seemed a good time to delurk.
"Welcome" CSL! But I guess you've been here for quite a while... :smile:

Yep, a year ago TONMO.com probably was a few dozen links down on Google... search for "octopus" today and we're sixth! :party:

Nick provides a good link there... Of course try this one, too (but you've probably already seen it):

Cephalopod Care

Glad you like the site, and very glad you're here! :smile:
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