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Octopus Names

Dec 4, 2002
"Gollum" is a great name for an octo- how fun! .....I'm curious to know of some other great octopus names you've all thought of...? I'm brainstorming, since by 10:30 tomorrow morning when Fedex arrives, I will then have two babies to name- my dwarf (who has now eaten three small hermit crabs) and my bimac.
I always wanted to call an octo 'Mudwiggle' after the character in Spike Milligan's Bad Jelly the Witch. And I like the Finnish name Yrjö (their version of George).
Congratulations and Welcome!!!

I almost named Ink, Fedex cause of how he arrived!! I also got him from Fish Supply!

Good luck and please let us know how you make out!!!

I usually look for some sort of interesting behavior in the animal and then name it in regards to that...although as of late, my wife seems to be doing the naming! :smile: I have a bichir named "piglet" (eating habits), snakes and other fish with a variety of names from literature...my last ceph was named "yog-sothoth"...it was funny to have people searching the tank for some dangerous looking creature, and then see this innocent little octo peering right back at them! Hey, she thought she was big stuff! Let me know what you come up with!
"Mudwiggle" is a good one! :biggrin2: As you may have guessed, I'm mining thematically appropriate names from my more favorite literature sources (actually a good friend of mine was the first to think of "Gollum.") My next octo will probably be "Smeagol." Were I ever to be in a position to own a Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO,) it would most likely be named "Shelob."

The ginormous bristleworm in my tank has been christened "Igjarjuk." A prize to anyone who can tell me where I got that name and who its original bearer was...

Well...I dunno about a prize. Not sure how I could really DO a prize. Don't really even have anything appropriate to give. Um. :? Well. Somebody can guess anyway...maybe I can send 'em a postcard or something... :roll:

Maybe that could be a Tonmo thing? Some sort of regular trivia competition for prizes barely worth the stamp to mail them! :bonk: :heee:

Maybe that could be a Tonmo thing? Some sort of regular trivia competition for prizes barely worth the stamp to mail them!
...I've still got some of those Ammonia Alerts (by SeaChem) you sent to me... Only ended up giving one away. :smile:

So, first to answer Rusty's question here in this thread gets an Ammonia Alert!
You could always go british and have Gog and Magog! How about native american? I mean, you have Sequoia, Pocahantas, etc...
...and the winner is.. .no one! No one gets a free Ammonia Alert reader by SeaChem. But the offer is still open to anyone who can figure it out... in the meantime, I guess I can use these three Ammonia Alerts as beer coasters. :biggrin2:
Actually, Colin has it, but I couldn't tell if he was officially playing or just sitting it out and lobbing some clues out there for everyone else...his answer was a bit more abstract than I was expecting... :?: He clearly knows the answer...so if you'd like it, Colin, just say "hey." Was kinda waiting for you to say something like "Hey--Didn't I get it?" Don't mind me, I'm just easily confused... :bonk:

Oh! Well there you go. Well done, Colin! Ping me with your home address (I don't have it handy) and I'll ship your loot. :wink:

Hmm... what's the next contest? How about... the next person to post a picture of their cephalopod looking through their tank at a bag/bowl of chips, peanuts or popcorn... Well they don't have to be looking at it, but they have to be in the same picture. And for goodness sake, don't put the chips, peanuts or popcorn in the tank! Next person to post it gets the prize... hey, next TWO people to post it get the prize!


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