Octopus in New York

if youre not too picky about the life status of your future ceph, i'm sure melissa could tell you some great spots.....

as for ones destined for husbandry, you'll have to ask someone smarter than a mere hippo.....

oh, by the way..... :welcome:
Hi, and welcome to TONMO. com :welcome:

There may be some places and someone who lives in the area will have to provide that information. If the LFS is selling young bimacs, chances are that they come from Octopets, anyway.

Other people on the east coast have bought successfully from Octopets. They use an overnight delivery service, so your bimac arrives quickly.

Octopus in New York

Hi I am also in NY.

The LFS that gets Octopus on a regular basis is FISHTOWNUSA.

I do not work for them but I used to buy lots of supplies and livestock from them a few times a year.

Their website is fishtown-usa.com. They usually don't know what species their octopus are.

Bimac is most commonly offered and probably the best "pet" species.
Welcome to Tonmo, first off...and was there a reason for not shipping one in? I understand the frustration of having to wait...dealing in the animal industry, patience is a must...unfortunately...
fishtown is the worst place to buy fish
everything i ever bought from them died after one week I thought it was my fault but the same went for all my friends and other customers of theirs I spoke to I stopped going there for one year now and have not lost a fish yet but I did buy a pigmy octopus from them 2 years ago thats all they get and it lived for about 6 months but it only came out at night then I ordered a bimac and it was the coolest thing I ever had in a tank
nothing wrong with ordering just make sure your there when it comes to your house

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