Octopus get together


Nov 29, 2002
Having an Octopus themed get together with friends over Christmas and for the event I am brewing my own beer. Any ideas for a name? Embarrassingly I can only think of one 'Tentac'ale' as a pun on tentacle, pretty poor really so any suggestions would be welcome.
I suppose if it is a dark, you could call it "ink"...but a pilsner would require something else...I like tentac-ale though...very clever.
"sucker down"
all come to mind...should be some fun labels!!!!
Can I come? :mrgreen:


"Tentac'ale" and "Sucker Down" are great.

Uh, "Cephvesa" if it's Mexican-ish :roll: and "Octopiss" if it's a Molson Canadian clone.

:lol: Class!!

:lol: Brilliant!!!

What about eight-pint-push-over, sucker-an-out, sucker-pint, sea-water, Plymouth-Ink No. 8.

ha haaa!!! its endless!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

If it was a congnac you could call it something like Sea-water Cepho (XO) or Ceph-water XO....oh dear i could go on!!!!

Good idea...is it fancy dress or you just doin the theme??
Thanks for all the suggestions. I originally thought of doing one, but now it's three.
Plymouth Ink no.8 I think is a perfect name for a stout. Cuttlebone Cider sounds good too. And i think Sucker Down would be great for a more of a session beer. My friends at the local CAMRA (campaign for real ale) were also suitably impressed. So thanks for the help(especially to Cthulhu77 and Scouse) and watch this space for the finished pump badges, well labels anyway.

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