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Octopus Food!!

not sure how revelant this is, but i get snails and hermits at livebrineshrimp.com. i just got an order in yesterday and many of the hermits i got are bigger than i thought they would be, though they are out of the cheaper snails at the moment.. but its pretty dang good and the prices are excellent
nickcoletti;90984 said:
I'm going with the old saying "no question is a dumb one" and I'm going to ask.... does it matter if its fresh or salt water that these fiddlers sit in?

I've kept them in both. I have 3 right now in a saltwater tank and they've been in there since January.
Alright then, i figured it didn't really matter since they don't live under water but i just wanted to make sure. They seem simple enough...i just hope my octopus enjoys them. I've only gave it marine ghost shrimp, krill, silversides, and crayfish. It doesn't eat the blue legged hermit crabs i got it and the turbo snails so i hope he takes to the fiddlers. Thanks for your response!
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