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Octopus Food!!


Aug 23, 2006
If anyone knows where I can buy some fiddler crabs or hermit crabs in bulk let me know.

Sach's is currently running out of fiddler crabs and he is nervous about shipping them! The last batch he sent me all died. Something must be wrong with his stock!
With all the cold weather, this can be a difficult time of the year to ship fiddlers.

Ask your LFS - they can usually get fiddlers, but you may have to take a very large quantity, cheap.

Jess and I were just out in Lancaster for New Years, and That Pet Place had a tank of fiddlers. I think they ship.

I tried finding it on their website. I live in the Northwest, so I'm trying to find a place that ships overnight in bulk. Even if they are frozen, he still eats them. I might have to buy large hermit crabs for him to eat.

I appreciate the help. If I am putting it in the search engine wrong on their site, can you let me know? All I did was type: fiddler crabs or fiddler.
Maybe they had a new person packaging the fiddlers, but they all arrived dead and stinking. I was very disappointed. I may try to order from him again. I'm not too sure though. I found a college store that sells a larger version of fiddler crabs for 1.90 from the carolina institution.

I may have to call That Pet Place.
That pet place can't ship their fiddlers due to restrictions...I'm at a true loss. Everyone else seems to be having luck ordering online.
I think the problem you're having is that you must be off the major shipping lanes and you are in a very cold area. Sachs uses priority mail, but that may take longer to you.

Have you offered to pay for overnight shipping?

You can keep fiddlers alive by offering simple things like fish flakes, fruit, and (!) air popped popcorn. I kept one for 2 years on this diet. They don't have to be submerged, just sand and "pool" of water. If you're using them quickly, 10 or 12 can be put in a turtle bowl with a stone in the middle as an island.

I don't have a problem keeping them alive in a tank. I use a 20 gallon and I've had them live for 3-4 weeks longer than their arrival date. I've offered everything and I've received no response.
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