octopus filosus - the bumble bee two-spot octopus


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 19, 2003
hi all i'm looking for specific information on this octo. like life span, nocturnal, day time, food preference, etc.. so any help would be greatly appretiated. thanks! :mrgreen:
Octopus filosus
Body to 7cm
Arms to 30cm
Distr. Caribean sea, Florida to Brazil
Common on reefs
Lays small eggs so planktonic young

About a year ago there wa discussion on CephList that the species had been revised or a revisal had been proposed but nothing else was heard on the subject. So far.

I beleive that one of the species i kept was O. filosus. As it had the ocelli and fits the description including the capture lcation well.

It was a very active, mostly diurnal species that was keen to feed from hands and explore surroundings. I kept it at 1.026 and 78deg F.

Would not eat snails and even hermits were ignored so therefore i had regular visits to the beach to collect live crabs for this octo. Shrimps were not easily taken at all. So i think feeding will need to be carefully considerd.

Lifespan I'd GUESS at a total of 10months tho, i never had the octo from hatching.

Being planktonic means the larvae would be difficult to raise.

Lastly, why filosus? have you seen them for sale?

Thanks for the info. :notworth: But no I haven't seen them for sale. When I have a strong gut feeling on a particular animal I have very good luck with it, on the flip side if I ignore that feeling the animal and me both suffer (more of an emotional suffering for me) so I try my hardest to go with that intuition ,or whatever, and have much better chances with whatever animal I acquire. Fortunately there is a place that sells feeder crabs since I'm landlocked.

Thank You much,
No prob

Think that getting O filosus may take some time though, but good luck

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