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octopus eggs

Feb 8, 2004
I have recently purchased a female octopus in a conch shell along with its thousands of eggs. I was wondering what kind of information i need to know in order for the eggs to hatch quicker. Information such as water temperature, how clean it has to be, how long until my eggs hatch, what to do after they hatch and what to feed them.
Also, i am a bit concerned about the filter sucking up the babies once they hatch. Do you think this will happend? How can i prevent it?
It would be a great help if we could identify the species of octopus you have. Are you in the US or elsewhere? - that affects what the octo might be, too. Could you post a photo?

The species will determine the water temperature.

If you really have thousands of small eggs, it will be very difficult to raise the octopus babies because they will be so small.

What sort of filter are you using? Water intakes should be covered for any octopus (with sponge or netting).

What size is the octo? The filter will most probably suck alot of babies if this is a small egg species (Babies are planktonic). To feed them try rotifers and then copepods or amphipods when they're a little larger, but its going to be pretty tough.

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