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Octopus died.


Aug 23, 2006
Octopus died. I don't blame myself or anyone else. We did all we could and I thought we made excellent parents. We made sure he was fed almost every day, every other day and gave him water changes frequently.

We think he died from old age. We noticed it was his "time" a week ago when he became unresponsive to our movement when we'd approach the glass. His breathing became labored and he sulked in the corner a lot.

He loved opening containers to find crab and playing tug-of-war with my fiance.

We'll miss him. R.I.P Master Chief.

He didn't lay eggs, or even attempt. We think that it was "burying" itself, or preparing for its own death as some animals do in the wild. We've had him for 5 1/2 months and he's had a good life with us. We would play tug-of-war, hold him, etc. He was a good octo. Very sweet with people and interactive. I hope I find another one like him someday.

Thank you, Tonmo.com! I know you all strived to save my octo.
Thanks guys! I don't know if I'm going to attempt another octopus. I'd like to add some color to my tank. I appreciate the comments! We're putting him to rest today :frown:
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