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Octopus crossing the Boarder

Pacific Blue

Blue Ring
Apr 19, 2003
Hey all, after letting the 13 evil crabs have the run of my tank for 3 months I fiqure it is safe to add an octo to the tank. I have run into a problem though, my LFS cant seem to get an octo from his supplyer, fishsupply.com wont ship across the boarder and the GPO would be too big even for my tank. I have found that marinedepotlive.com and the petstop.com will ship to Canada. Has anyone on this list had any dealings with etheir of these two supplyers? Anyone out there know of a good supplyer that will ship to Canada? I need to let these 13 crabs know who is boss soon.

Pacific Blue :boat:
Jeez, once again,we run into the pile of red tape...I thought fish supply did ship to other countries...bummer! I haven't ordered from either of those other suppliers, so I can't give you any feedback. Do you have a local saltwater store that could get one for you?
Good Luck!

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