Jan 6, 2003
Ok, I think iv had it up to HERE, with trying 2 find Octopus books!!!
Seriously...I have wen't to loads of Libraries, Book stores, and other stores contaning books on a hunt for octopus books.
EVERY bookstore or library I go to, they either have only books on Ocean Life contaning ALL the ocean animals, OR books that have small articles on octopus and the rest is all other animals. :roll:
Iv asked and asked if they had books that were based on ONLY the octopus. But they did not have any. The only ones they had were baby books, and books contaning ALL the ocean animals mixed in 1 book of sea life.

So now, iv had it. I decided 2 order the books online. I didn't do this before becuase I didn't feel like waiting for it, and I wanted 2 see if any libraries or bookstores had any. I wen't ALL THE WAY to Philadelphia (I live in New Jersey) and wen't to this library that looked like THE WHITE HOUSE. Out of that BIIIIG library, they had 2 octopus books that had 15 pages in it :roll: :roll: :roll:
AND, the facts they had in both books were too childish, and basic.

There's this book iv ALWAYS wanted called "Octopus and Squid: The Soft Intelligence By Jacques Stoe" Iv read it b4 and looked through it ONCE in a library that had the book years ago, but currently they dont have it no more.

I wanted that book PLUS other books that are REALLY good and contain a LOT of pages including more then just basic info on the octopus.

So can you guys help me and list some GREAT and FANTASTIC books based On Cephalopod biology???
I just love looking at octopus, squid, and cuttlefish books. It makes me have something to do, and what can I say??? Im obsessed, lol, fo course everyone here is right?
I just don't understand why Octopus are one of the most unpopular animal's to have books, TV shows, and other commercially things sold.
Sharks, Rays, and other MORE POPULAR AND LIKED animals are always shown on TV, always have books about them, and have TONS of sold things.

So can anyone list any books that are greatbooks based on octopuses???
Thank you :smile:
I found an excellent book in my school's library (probably only because the marine biology major is very popular here). it is Octopus: Physiology and Behavior of an Advanced Invertebrate by M.J. Wells

my library also supposedly has Octopus and Squid: The Soft Intelligence, but i have yet to find it where it should be.

Then of course, there's A World Guide to Cephalopods. I had to order this one online, but it's such a great book. 300- some odd pages, full color, more than just one picture for many species. 45 bucks or more but worth it.
tonmo said:
Have you visited our Ceph Book Reviews?


Iv checked it, but it;s not so helpful.

and thank Fluffy, Im starting 2 get interested in that book that has 320 pages and is called "Cephalopods a world guide".
It's pretty new, 2000, and I might be lucky enough 2 find one.
I checked even in my school's library, and they have NOTHING, but marine biology and books based on EVERY animal in the ocean with TINY articles about the octopus.
Anyone else have any fantastic books to share that I would love 2 get?
Thank you.
Armstrong said:
Iv checked it, but it;s not so helpful.
Well, ok, so it's nothing to write home about... but it's something! Ok, we're working on it! :P

BTW, everyone, we're accepting book reviews from the community. Email me if you want to write a review...
Hey Tonmo, I seriously think that "octopus and squid: The Soft Intelligence" is one of the BEST books based on Cephalopod biology. You should put THAT book up as one of the books u have on your site.
Iv heard a book called "The Phantom of the sea, the octopus"
Or something like that. Is that the same book??
Iv seen the book before and it;s kinda boring and only talks about basic info and giant squid catches.
tonmo said:
I don't disagree (although I understand it's a bit dated, and out of print). Write a good review for it, and I'll put it up! :smile:

Ok here's one:


Cousteau's lifelong love of the ocean lives on! He and Philippe Diole wrote this very non-technical book that does a nice, thorough job of describing the general life and features of the octopus, with one chapter on the squid. (So if you love the squid, this is probably not your book.) Written in 1973, the book is still relevant at the beginning of the 21st century. Great full-page color photos of divers and beautiful octopi up close in the natural environment of the octopi; the photos alone are worth buying the book! The true value of the book, though, rests in Cousteau's firm belief (and mine, too) in the inherent intelligence found in the octopus, which has one of the more active brains among all sea creatures, and a comprehensive description of many phases of their lives. What you don't know about this shy, mysterious, and private creature will amaze you, and you will find out much by reading the book. A true treasure for anyone's library regardless of your age!
Ok, that's a so-so review lifted from Amazon.com -- I don't reproduce other people's material without their permission (that goes for the author of the review and also Amazon.com itself).

If you write and submit your own, I will review it for quality and then perhaps include it on our review page. The invitation is open to anyone!
Tonmo, have you ever seen the book and looked at it yet?
If you have, it SHOULD TOTALLY be in your book reviews lol. It's such a fantastic book with 304 pages and it explains biology, habitat, cells, reproduction, behavior, intelligence, and more, PLUS 1 chaptor about SQUID. This isn't my personal review, im just saying it's a great book, and I haven't read the book enough to give a good review.
But I KNOW that this book is a classic, and is wonderful.
Hey, yeah, I've seen the book and am familiar with it, however I don't own it, and don't know enough about it to actually write a review. So, once again, I'd welcome a review; if I had one contributed to TONMO.com I'd post it! (totally!) :smile:
when you do a search on yahoo about let's say "ceph books", on the right hand side there's a link to amazon which redirects you to the site and you can find that amazon has selected ceph book for you already. :P
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