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Octopus Availability

We picked up our O. Mercatoris from The Octopus Garden in Berkeley (510) 849-4450 where they say that they get octopus in quite frequently. Last week, he said he got 2 in on Tuesday and 2 in on Thursday. But apparently there's a research prof. at Berkeley who snatches them up for research. He had bought the other 3 octopi last week.

Available Bimac?

Marineboy, I have had my tank ready for almost three months but cant find a Bimac anywhere. If you have one that I could purchase please let me know.

I am sure you already know this, but you need a permit from the Department of Fish and Game to collect marine animals from the wild. Also, certain areas are "protected" and you can't collect even with a permit. There are different permits depending on what you are using the animals for... if you are collecting for a public aquarium or if you are collecting to resell. Permits (like fishing licenses) allow the Department of Fish and Game to regulate what is being collected from the wild.
We are exploring a means to get some eggs into the hands on my shrimp provider, such that we can sell octos from ShrimpStuff.com. Stay tuned!
I just managed to pick up a bimac at marinedepotlive.com, I got a PM from a customer of mine stating they had one available. Sure enough I ordered it, suppose to arrive Tuesday.

Looks like they are "out of stock" now, so maybe they only got one?

keep an eye out, looks like they come around now and again.

I did ask one of my local importers to see about finding me some cuttlefish or octos (from indo), it sounded like it wouldnt be a problem to get them. Ill let you know if I get any in.

Is it against policy to post if I have one for sale? I only have one tank, so Ill have to rig another up temperarily if I get one from this guy as well. ( Java West Aquatics )
Nancy recommended me to post this...if anyone here lives in New Jersey or close to it, you might wanna go here:

Point Pleasant Beach Seafood Co-Op
57 Channel Drive, Point Pleasant Beach


I called them up and they sell live Octopus Vulgaris particularly already grown. They usually sell 1.5 lb. ones. Keep in mind that this place is actually meant for buying them for eating fresh, but buying them as a pet shouldn't be an issue.

Im going to be visiting them on Monday coming up and i'll let anyone here know how it is. I do not know if they ship out in the US...most likely not, but possibly cuz its a fishery. I would consider the Co-Op important though cuz its only 1 of 2 major fisheries in New Jersey. Iv been looking everywhere for live octopus sources near me...and what do you know? I find one 15 minutes away.

If you have any questions, just ask. Im sure I can find out anymore info.
corw314 said:
For real???? I don't know if I want to go see cause I'd want to bring them all home with me! I'm maybe 2 minutes away.

2 minutes away??? Really...you live near point pleasant? I should come visit, lol, jk.

Ya, im afraid to go up their and visit the Co-Op cuz I'll probably want to take them all home too. I get the feeling that there all going to be pale white and in tanks together.
Armstrong said:
Ya, im afraid to go up their and visit the Co-Op cuz I'll probably want to take them all home too. I get the feeling that there all going to be pale white and in tanks together.

Hehehe, if that's how they do in fact keep them, they might not be so unhappy about what happens to them next!


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