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[Sold Out]: California two-spot octopus (O. bimaculoides) ($100 ea.+$50 shipping; US only)

Hey Folks, The availability of bimacs is very exciting. We don’t have a tank available until our last cuttlefish shuffles off her mortal coil, but hopefully whomever is sourcing these octopuses will be able to get more of them. Bimacs, especially the -loides are fat and away the best octopus pets. They are quite smart, tame very well, and don’t try as hard as other species to escape their tanks. When I was running my lab many years ago, I had several of them in tanks without any lids at all. (But please do still take precautions)
I would like to get a hold of one of These. Are They still available?
Great! Yes, per top post, one still available, after two successfully shipped. Post your tank specs (or point me to an existing Tank Talk thread if one exists) and place your order; I'll take it up privately with you from here.
Too bad I missed this thread! I was looking so hard for a bimac here for quite some time, without success. So ... my tank is the same as in my "Omikron" thread ([Octopus]: - This is Omikron - Abdopus aculeatus). And ... I live in Austria, which is not really the 51st state of American. So would you be willing to consider shipping them to Europe? @Nancy stated, IIRC, that bimacs are a hardy species and travel well, so she would not have objected when I came to here for that subject. What do you think?
Hi Benjie,
I think Tony will have to answer this one.
This species is occasionally shipped to Europe, but I don ‘t know any of the details, including customs.
Please note, the Large bimac is no longer available, so this lot is sold out. I'm working on posting a new thread because we have two new bimacs available, small and medium. I'm working on getting pics and dimensions and will post a new thread when I get that. Note, prices are increasing as we've re-assessed operational costs. Stay tuned to this forum for me to post a new thread when we're ready to take orders. You may want to Watch this forum to get notified whenever there are updates. Thanks!
Thanks - I should have an update within the next few days. Will post a new thread in this forum when they are available. If there are none at this time, I'll let you know in this thread.
I am also interested too! My boyfriend and I have had a bimac before. Wholesale mislabeled the octopus as a dwarf Pacific and we flipped when we saw the rings as we’ve never owned an octopus so we thought it was venomous and consorted with a local shop owner who properly identified it.
new availability posted; please remember to Watch this forum if you are interested in getting real-time updates when a new thread is posted...

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