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Blue Ring
Jun 5, 2005
Last week I visited Octopets for the 3rd time and picked up my new octopus! His name is Herman. Jim said that he had him left over from brood stock, the babies are not yet ready for shipment although there are a ton of them and they look pretty lively. I also saw the Cuttlefish breeding section. I wish I had a bigger tank so that I could have a cuttlefish. They seemed SO COOL. Jim and his new assistant are VERY helpful and run a very good business. I also picked up some crabs off of the floor to give to Herman. It has only been one week and he has cleaned them out! I have only been in the hobby for about 3 months and am having to learn at an incredible rate but it is worth it. Herman is starting to get used to me and is spending more time out on the rocks. Before I go to work I pull up the bench and we stare at each other for about 10 minutes. Thank you very much TONMO for all the great information posted on this site. Everything you have here is AWESOME.

Thanks a lot
Paul, congratulations on what seems to be a fantastic experience with your octopus !!!! If you get a chance, we would all love to see some pics of the beastie...

Pics of Herman

I have made several movies of him but they are huge files. I will take some pics of him soon. I have the tripod all set up next to the tank, I just need some time...

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Congratulations on your new octopus Herman! Glad he's getting along so well right from the start.

I'll add you to our list of octos and their owners. Looking forward to those pics!

pictures of Herman!

Here are the promised pictures of Herman. As anyone who has tried to photograph an Octopus knows, it is not easy to catch them out and about when they are new to the environment! Enjoy all!


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